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Academic Degrees

January 2023: Habilitation Thesis "Mathematical Methods in QIT", Tehnical University Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2002/ 2008: PhD Degree in Mathematics, Adviser PhD. Dumitru Gaspar, West University of Timisoara, Romania, thesis “Operator-difference equations and applications in quantum mechanics” 
2000/ 2002: Master’s Degree in “Operational patterns and optimal control”, Faculty of Mathematics at West University of Timisoara, Romania, thesis “How to prove dynamical localization” 
1996/ 2000: Bachelor’s Degree in Pure Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics, Department of Pure Mathematics, West University of Timisoara, Romania 

Work Experience 

2001/- present Associate Professor/Lecturer/Asistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania. 
Classes and seminaries of mathematical analyses, algebra and differential geometry, applied
 mathematics, differential equations, survival analysis.

February-August 2010 PostDoc reseacher at Niels Bohr Institute, Quantum Information Group of Prof. M.M. Wolf

August/October 2009 Junior Fellow of Erwin Schrodinger Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Physics, Vienna, Austria

November 2006/October 2008 PostDoc researcher at Department of Physical and Astronomical SciencesUniversity of Palermo, Italy 
Activity as referee for  Acta Applicanda MathematicaeJournal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 

Conferences organised 

Special Session “Connection to QIT" within the 27th Edition of Operator Theory ConferenceJuly 2-7th 2018, Timisoara (co-organiser with Ion Nechita)

The Workshop “On Mathematical Methods of Quantum Information Theory”, Timisoara, 5-7th November 2015 (co-organiser I. Nechita)



NanoX Invited Professor, Toulouse June-July, 2023

Invited Professor, Paul-Sabatier University, Toulouse, June 2019

Junior Research Fellowship at the International Erwin Schrodinger Institute for Mathematical Physics, Vienna, Austria, August-October, 2009 (within the research program “Entanglement and correlations in many-body quantum mechanics”) 

Prize “Francesca Palumbo” for the best Poster presented at the 14-th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics,  Palermo, 1-5 June, 2007 


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